I am not the creator of this Roulette System. The credit belongs to Rob Lawrence, 28, from Aylsham, Norfolk (currently living in Scotland). Rob Lawrence was banned from a string of online casinos after making several large withdrawals over the space of a few months.

It’s reported that the lad’s uncle, (recently sentenced to 5 years at HMP Wayland), was a former casino employee and may have passed the information to his nephew before his prison term began. As the method is completely legal, casinos have a hard time restricting its use.


Alright. If you downloaded this then I guess you wanna make some money! Well, that’s what this is here for. I’m going to show you how to turn the roulette machine into your personal ATM. But first, let’s go over some ground rules and basics.

All gambling systems will fail at some point due to the laws of mathematics. That’s a fact. Some time along the lifespan of a system there will be an eventuality that will cause it to break down and stop working. If anyone tells you they have a fool-proof system, they are lying. Simple as that.

The difference between the good and the bad gambling systems is the time it takes for the system to break down…

Some systems will break in the first seconds, some the first minutes, some the first hours. But the good ones will last for days, or even weeks before a scenario occurs which will break them.

It’s just maths really. Simple.

The reason my system makes money is because it takes a long time before it breaks down. A very long time.

So why on earth am I releasing this? Well, the simple answer is I got greedy. Which brings me on to my next point. This is 100% legal and there is nothing the casinos can do to ban it. However, they are quite within their rights to refuse service to anyone – and if you get too ‘lucky’ and win too much. You can guarantee they’ll pay you what they owe and then shut your account for good.

How do I know that? Unfortunately it happened to me.

I’m banned for life from any casino you can think of. Not because I did anything wrong or illegal. But because I won too much. Messed up isn’t it?

Well call this revenge. Call it an awesome share. Call it whatever you want. The main thing is the casinos don’t want this out there, and I do. I win.

Now that’s over and done with, let’s get straight to it.


Firstly you’re going to need a casino to use this system on. I like using the major casinos best since they have so many players it’s much harder for them to keep an eye on everyone – this makes it especially easy to stay under the radar.

The casino that let me get away with the most was Bwin – You’ve probably seen them advertised on the footy.

Bwin Ad

I’ll use Bwin in all examples from here on. You need to register an account right now, but before you do I want to show you the system in action.

I recorded this video at another casino before I was banned. It shows me making £100 in profit in 50 minutes. That’s £2 a minute if you’re counting. Slow and steady wins the race. I’m sure you’ve seen people win more in a shorter amount of time – but not with this consistency or accuracy. Feel free to skip ahead to the end of the video if you like and watch my balance rise from £500 to £600 like clockwork:

Pretty impressive right? Well don’t just watch. I’m going to show you exactly how to do this. In fact, in 5 minutes from this point you’ll be making your first win. And in 6 minutes I’ll guide you to your first £100. That’s how powerful this system is.

Click Here to get a Bwin account and let’s get started. Once you’ve got your account let’s move on to the next step.


By now you should have signed up with Bwin – all steps from this point onwards will use Bwin as a reference so it’s important that you’re currently logged in so you can follow along.

Let’s get to it. There are many different versions of roulette available at Bwin. This system doesn’t work with all of them, so you need to choose the right one.

We want to play ‘European Roulette Pro’. That’s the game with only one zero that lets you spin the wheel without betting.

DO NOT play ‘American Roulette’ or any other versions of European Roulette as theyWILL NOT WORK.


Technically you don’t need to do this step, but it means you’ll make money a lot quicker.

First click on the ‘European Roulette Pro‘ game and wait for it to open. You may be asked to download the game if you don’t have it already – that should take about 15 seconds.

Once the game is open, click on the bottom right of the screen where it says: TURBO ON/OFF


Once you’ve clicked ‘ON’ try spinning the wheel – you’ll see the ball will now land on a number instantly. That’s it – Now we’re ready to play!


Make sure you have European Roulette Pro open and let’s begin…

There are 37 Numbers on a Roulette Wheel.

They Start at Zero (0) and go all the way to Thirty Six (36).

Each number is coloured.

0 is GREEN

2,4,6,8,10,11,13,15,17,20,22,24,26,28,29,31,33,35 are BLACK

1,3,5,7,9,12,14,16,18,19,21,23,25,27,30,32,34,36 are RED

Or in other words, 18 of the numbers are RED

and 18 of the numbers are BLACK

Every time we spin the roulette wheel the ball will land on one of these numbers.

It will land on a BLACK number 48.6% of the time

It will also land on a RED number 48.6% of the time

Therefore it will land on RED and BLACK an EQUAL number of times.

The other 2.7% of the time it will land on ZERO, which is the only GREEN number.

Every time you Spin the wheel the chance of RED or BLACK coming up is 48.6% – however the probability changes GREATLY when we look at multiple spins in a row;

For example, the chance of a RED number being landed on just once is 48.6%

However the chance of a RED number being landed on twice in a row is just 23.7%

And the probability of a RED number being landed on 3 times in a row drops to just11.5%

In fact, the more times RED occurs in a row, the more unlikely it is.

For example the probability of RED being landed on 14 times in a row is an incredibly tiny 0.004% – that’s something you’ll hardly ever see.

When we see a large number of one colour in a row, for example, 5 BLACKS in a row or5 REDS in a row we call it a ‘rare event’ – since it’s very unlikely to occur.

We’re going to take full advantage of these rare events and use them to bank hard.

We want to find these rare events as they develop. When we see them occur, we want to bet against them as we know how unlikely they are to continue.

For example – if we see a string of 7 BLACKS in a row, we know that it’s a rare event which will likely come to an end very soon. So we bet against it. We bet on RED.

The key to all this of course, is knowing where to start. If we wait for an event that’s too rare, it will hardly ever occur and we’ll never get to bet (or make money). And if we bet on events that are too common and occur regularly then we stand to lose.

My personal ‘sweet spot’ is when the ball lands on the same colour 5 times in a row.

The will occur only 2.73% of the time.

Meaning it will occur frequently enough so we can bet regularly, but it is rare enough to be a ‘rare event’.

The likelihood of this rare event occurring is the same as a ZERO (0) being landed on. That should give you some idea as to how frequently it will happen.

When we see this rare event occur we place a £1 bet on the opposite colour.

So for example;

If BLACK is landed on 5 times in a row we place a £1 bet on RED.

If RED is landed on 5 times in a row we place a £1 bet on BLACK.

This means we’re betting on the next spin – the 6th spin in the sequence.

The probability of the same colour being landed on 6 times in a row has just a 1.33% chance of occurring – which is unlikely.

So to win – we bet against this rare event.

The graph below shows exactly how likely the same colour is to come up multiple times (don’t worry, you don’t need to remember this):




You’ll need the Bwin European Roulette Pro Open for this part. If you still haven’t made an account, click here to do so now.

Once the game is open you’ll notice you can press the ‘spin’ button without having to place a bet.

Try it now – Click the ‘spin’ button and see what happens.

The wheel will spin and the ball lands on one of the numbers.

Have a look where it lands – all past results are recorded in the top right hand corner here:



or if you’re playing Classic Roulette on Mobile, they’ll occur below the wheel on thecentre right.

We now need to continue pressing the spin button until a rare event occurs.

To recap; We’re waiting for one colour to be landed on 5 times in a row.

So either;

5 BLACK numbers in a row



5 RED numbers in a row


Keep spinning the roulette wheel until it happens – it will take around 30-90 seconds depending on how fast you can spin the wheel.

Keep spinning until you find a rare event (as shown above) and then move on to thenext step:


Finally. The exciting part. Now is the time to put the system into action and make yourfirst winnings! But do this we’re going to need to deposit some money into the casino first.

The minimum you’ll need in your account is £31.

We’ll use this money as security against very rare events – £31 will keep you covered until the event that same colour is landed on 11 times in a row.

There is a 0.03% chance of this happening (which is very rare), meaning £31 shouldcover you comfortably unless you’re extremely unlucky.

Make sure you have at least £31 in your account and then read on.


Alright, so you’ve got £31 or more in your account and you’ve found a rare event?

Great – now it’s time to place your first bet and make your first win!

Just to be certain – your screen should now look something like this:


or this:


If it doesn’tkeep spinning the wheel until it does.

If it does – great! Let’s continue:

Place a £1 bet on the colour which has not been landed on for the last 5 spins.

If BLACK has been landed on 5 times in a row – place a £1 bet on RED.


If RED has been landed on 5 times in a row – place a £1 bet on BLACK.

Now Press Spin.

Did you WIN or LOSE?

If you just woncongratulations! Start spinning the wheel again (without placing more bets) and look for another rare event to occur. When you find it place another £1 bet.Rinse and Repeat.

But here’s what to do when you lose:

Firstly, Don’t worry – Losing is part of the system, and I’ve got you covered!

When we lose, we simply need to continue betting AGAINST the rare event.

The good news is we’re now betting against an even more rare event than before! The more times the same colour comes up, the more unlikely and rare it is.

All we need to do when we lose is double the bet and bet again.

This means when we WIN, our account balance will be brought right back up to where it was PLUS £1 profit.

For example, if we start with £31 and lose our first £1 bet we’ll now have £30.

And because we lost, we need to double our bet to £2

If we win this next bet, we get £4 back, meaning we now have £32 in total. Pretty neat, huh?

This works every time we lose.

As soon as we win again we’re taken right back up to where we were before PLUS £1 profit.

Since we want to do this system as fast as possible, there’s a very easy way to double up and rebet when you lose:

  1. Click the ‘Rebet’ button.
  2. Click the ‘Double’ button.
  3. Click Spin.

If you losekeep repeating these 3 steps, doubling your bet each time.

But here’s the important part: As soon as you win, STOP betting, and start spinning the wheel again looking for another rare event to occur.

When we win with this system we make a £1 profit. Now that might not seem like much, but remember watching me play before? You’ve seen how quickly it will start toadd up. Once you’ve started to play for a while, you’ll notice how fast you become. Once you’re up to speed a normal earnings rate is around £120 per hour (or £2 per minute). Play for 10 minutes, and earn £20 – sounds pretty good to me!

If you’re still a bit confused DON’T WORRY – I’m going to do a very simple recap below which will guide you to your first £100!


Now that you know the science behind how the system works, it can be summed up in 3 easy steps. I’m now going to guide you to your first £100 profit. If you were a little confused at any point during the guide – this will clear it all up!

Just complete the following 3 steps:


Spin the roulette wheel without placing bets.

Wait until BLACK has been landed on 5 times in a row. (Rare Event)


Wait until RED has been landed on 5 times in a row. (Rare Event)

If BLACK has been landed on 5 times in a row place £1 on RED

If RED has been landed on 5 times in a row place £1 on BLACK

Now Press ‘SPIN’ and move on to Step B


If you just won – go back to Step A and repeat the process.

If you just lostgo to Step C


  1. Press ‘Rebet’
  2. Then Press ‘Double’
  3. Then Press ‘SPIN’

Repeat the above until you win. (Which will be very soon as we’re working withextremely unlikely events).

As soon as you WIN go back to Step A and repeat the process.

That’s it – Pretty simple after all right? The beauty lies in the mathematics and laws of probability that make it work.

The funny thing is you probably don’t even realise how powerful this really is right now.But you will. Trust Me.

Which brings me to my next point; Use this system WISELY. Don’t become a greedy idiot like I was.

I started getting into problems when I was making more than £300 a day. Keep itUNDER £300. Bwin is one of the largest online casinos in the UK and there are thousands of players there every minute. Winning a few hundred here and there won’t get you banned. Winning more than £300 a day for a week straight WILL. Don’t be an idiot. Simple.

You’re probably eager to start making money, I don’t blame you, that’s why you’re here after all. But there’s one last thing I want to talk about before you do;

Let’s talk about that ‘break’ point in the system.

Remember earlier I said all gambling systems have a break point? Well this system is no different. But the advantage of using this system is that the break point can be decided by YOU.

It’s all comes down to how you define a ‘rare event’.

The more ‘rare’ the event you choose to look for, the longer the system will take to reach that ‘break’ point.

Personally, I choose to start betting when a colour has been landed on 5 times in a row.That means we start betting in the 6th position of the sequence. The likelihood of the same colour being landed on 6 times in a row is 1.33% – which is pretty rare – and that’s why I start there. We have a nice balance of ‘common enough to occur’, but ‘rare enough not to continue on the next spin (so we win)‘.

But if you want to be REALLY careful, you could wait until a colour has been landed on 6 times or 7 times or even 8 times in a row before you place your first bet. That way you’re betting against some seriously rare events.

To put things in perspective, if you take my advice and start betting when the same colour comes up 5 times in a row the system will ‘break’ if the ball lands on the same colour FOURTEEN times in a row. There is only a 0.004% chance of that happening, which is EXTREMELY rare.

However, if you spin the roulette wheel non-stop for thousands of hours it WILL occur at some point. It’s just the laws of maths. And when it does you won’t be able to make the next bet due to the casino’s maximum bet limit. Again this is an EXTREMELY rareevent – but all gambling system’s have their breaking point, and for this system, that’s it.

BUT if you wanted to be even safer and extend the life of the system even further you could start betting later on in the sequence. For example; if you start betting after the same colour is landed on 8 times, instead of 5, the system will only break if the ball lands on the same colour SEVENTEEN times in a row. There is only a 0.0005% chance of that occuring. Now that’s rare. Seriously rare.

The only downside to waiting for rarer events to occur is that since they are more ‘rare’ (duh!) you’ll have to wait much longer before you can bet – which will slow down theearning potential of this system a fair bit!

It’s really up to you how you want to play it, but I personally I think waiting for the same colour to be landed on 5 times in a row is the ‘sweet spot’. If you take my advice you’ll be fine (Unless you’re one seriously unlucky punter!).

Phew! That’s it. I hope the steps were clear and it all made sense. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the guide. Oh, and you’re welcome. 😉

P.S. If you were wondering; this WILL work at offline casinos too – but you’ll have to wait a VERY long time before you witness a ‘rare event’ – that’s because it takes about 1 to 2 minutes per spin at regular casinos (the croupier has to pay people, people have to place bets etc, which all takes time). At an online casino it only takes half a second per spin online (with fast mode activated). If you still haven’t taken action – Click Here to get a Bwin account and start now! Click/Press the blue text to follow my link. That link will get you the 200Euro for free bonus. Playing with the bonus makes it safer and increases your earnings!   Have fun and make money 😉

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